Philip Casey

Philip Casey. Photo © Marion Kelly

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I was born in London in 1950 to Irish parents from Co Laois and Co Sligo. The north London of the 1950s was an enchanting, if in retrospect dangerous, playground for children, and I frequently escaped the confines of our house off Holloway Road to play in the bomb-sites in Highgate. This experience was the germ of my novel The Water Star.

In late 1956 the family settled on a farm near Screen, several kilometres north of Wexford town, but moved a few years later to Hollyfort in north Wexford. The picturesque landscape, featuring Croghan mountain and Annagh Hill, and the Bann River, feature in the three novels which make up The Bann River Trilogy.

Apart from three years in Barcelona in the mid-seventies, I’ve lived in Dublin since 1971.

My latest publication is a novel for children (9+). Over a decade ago, my niece Iseult (now an actress), asked me to writer her a story. It’s been a long time coming, Iseult, but The Coupla is here at last

In 2014, I founded my literary label eMaker Editions to publish my back list and all my future publications.

eMaker Editions

Autumn 2015: The Coupla (Children, 9+). Paperback, Kindle.I’m delighted to say that a chapter was published in ABEI Journal – The Journal of Irish Studies in Brazil

Tried and Sentenced, Selected Poems. A selection from four previous collections. Paperback, Kindle, ePub.

The Fabulists. A new edition of my award-winning novel first published by The Lilliput Press in 1994. Paperback, Kindle, ePub

The Water Star. A new edition, originally published by Picador. Paperback, Kindle.

The Fisher Child, A new edition, originally published by Picador. Paperback, Kindle.


The Fabulists/Usotsuki.(Japanese translation). Translated by Noriko Ito. Paperback and Kindle.


May 2017: Slaves, Masters, Rebels/ Mythologies & Histories of the Irish. non-fiction.


I’m a member of Aosdána, which was established in 1981 to ’honour those artists whose work has made an outstanding contribution to the arts in Ireland, and to encourage and assist members in devoting their energies fully to their art.’

My other publications include a chapbook, The Planets and Stars Become Friends, (Gorey, The Funge Arts Centre, 1974); and three collections of verse: Those Distant Summers (Dublin, Raven Arts Press, 1980); After Thunder (Raven Arts Press, 1985); and The Year of the Knife Poems 1980-1990, (Raven Arts Press Dublin, 1991).

Short Literary bio for editors

Philip Casey’s novels are The Fabulists, The Water Star and The Fisher Child, previously published by Lilliput and Picador and now reissued by Casey’s independent label eMaker Editions. The Fabulists was translated into Japanese by Noriko Ito and published by eMaker Editions. He has published Tried and Sentenced Selected poems, and a novel for children nine and over, The Coupla.
He is the founder and editor of Irish Writers Online and Irish Culture. His personal online presence is at www.philipcasey.com.
A member of Aosdána, he lives in Dublin.

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