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eMaker EditionseMAKER EDITIONS is my independent publishing label, which I set up to publish certain books from my back-list where the rights have reverted to me, and all my future work.
Thus far I have published new editions of novels previously published by Lilliput and Picador – The Fabulists, The Water Star, and the Fisher Child, collectively known as The Bann River Trilogy. I have also published my selected poems,Tried and Sentenced, and The Coupla, a novel based on Irish legend for children nine years and over.

The Bann River Trilogy

The Bann River Trilogy

The Bann river flows from Croghan Mountain on the Wexford-Wicklow border before it joins the river Slaney north of Enniscorthy. Along with Croghan Mountain, it features in all three of my novels published so far, The Fabulists, The Water Star, and The Fisher Child. According to Wikipedia the name Bann comes from the Irish An Bhanna, from ban-dea, meaning “goddess”.


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Most recently I have published a novel for children, The Coupla.

The Coupla

The Coupla. Age 9+

‘Ooh, Coupla!’ she squealed, laughing at them. She often used words from her other language, and ‘Coupla’ sounded like cúpla, her word for twins. The twins were only four at the time. ‘The two of you are rogues, so you are!’

Kate and Dan are twins. When they were three, their mother Ana walked into the sea. Cormac, their dad, and Mrs Janey who looked after them while he was away, both tried their best to comfort them, but they still missed her.

The story begins when they meet the strange Ms Cliona, who lures them to the Underworld on dolphins, surrounded by a cocoon of white light.
Bewildered, they are forced to go through challenge after challenge on wondrous and enchanting islands, where they meet powerful ancient beings known as Síoga. Most of the Síoga are kind. Some are nasty. One, however, is like a mother to them, and they begin to wonder if Ana has really died, or if she is a powerful Síoga who is 5,000 years old.

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Philip Casey

Philip Casey. Credit Karina Casey.