Ubuntu17.10 and Libre Office Writer crash

Libre Office
Libre Office

Okay, so this is not a technical blog, much less an Ubuntu/Linux blog, but if I said that the latest Ubuntu update messed up my Libre Office Writer, in which I have a huge project, then hopefully this short post is justified.

I upgraded twice in a row, from Ubuntu 16.10, to 17.04, to 17.10. Everything seemed fine with the new shell so I went along with it. However the problem arose in Libre Office Writer.

I launched it; fine. Wrote and saved, fine, but when I switched to another program like Firefox eg to access Zotero, it crashed. Clicking on the Writer icon brought up a new page on top of my working document. Accessing another program brought the same result – at one point I’d eighteen blank pages.

I searched the usually reliable web, to no avail. Then I was ill for a while so no work. Came back the other day, wasting a lot of time searching to no avail. Then I remembered reading that one can switch back to the Unity shell at log in – just click on the wheel icon and choose Unity.


I don’t have time to go on fora/forums at the moment, but if you think it’s useful to post this anywhere, then by all means you have my blessing.

If you’re short of cash, particularly if you’re a writer, do check out Libre Office Writer. Along with Zotero, if you’re writing non-fiction, you can’t go wrong.

I hope to be writing a little more about my Histories of the Irish here, so do check back some time in the New Year. About which, have a great 2018.

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