The Water Star now on Kindle

The Water Star
The Water Star now on Kindle. Cover image: Alice Maher, Ankle Deep Woman (The History of Tears), 2001, charcoal and chalk on calico. Courtesy of the artist. © Alice Maher 2001.

The Water Star.

Volume Two The Bann River Trilogy

The new, revised edition of The Water Star, first published by Picador in 1998, is now available in Kindle format from eMaker Editions. A print edition will follow in the coming weeks, as it enters the ‘channels’ – this may be delayed because of the Christmas rush, but I’ll post an update on this site. An epub edition will be published in January 2015.

Kindle Editions of The Water Star

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Kindle edition of The Fisher Child, Volume Three The Bann River Trilogy, coming soon, with paperback to follow.
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