The poetry journal Almatroz

The poetry journal Almatroz, whose objective is to promote and discuss contemporary poetry written or translated from/ into English invites critics, poets and intellectuals to contribute with articles, reviews and poems for its first issue.

The first issue will be dedicated to its title. Almatroz is a Portuguese neologism that suggests a unification of opposites. While alma (soul) stands for something pure and immaculate, atroz (atrocious) means its contrary, decadence and inhumanity. With this oxymoron, it is suggested that, along with Walter Benjamin’s idea, there is no document of civilization which is not a document of barbarism. The journal invites the authors to reflect on this concept in order to propose a dynamic dialogue between poetic tradition, historic experiences and artistic sensibility. In this sense, the journal is open to submissions of poems translated from English to Portuguese and Portuguese into English.

The general objective of the Project is to create translatability for English
language poetry in Brazil. The journal is going to work as a means of reflection about
urgent artistic questions and will encourage debate regarding creativity in the context of
collaboration between Brazilian and foreign literary productions.
The Editorial board will consider articles, reviews and poems in Portuguese,
English and Spanish.
Articles should not have more than 10 pages in length. It must include an
abstract, three or four key-words and four lines with its author’s biography. The text
should also include an email to which the details of the journal are going to be sent.
The reviews and poems should not have more than 5 pages. It must also include
the author’s email and a short biography. The reviews have to address books that were
published in the last two years. In case the translations are not public domain, they
should include an authorization of the poet allowing his or her poem to be translated.
Papers should typed in Word for Windows, Times New Roman font, size 12,
and spaced 1, 5 space. Authors are requested to include references in the body of the
article with the author’s surname in uppercase, the date of publication and page number
in parentheses (eg. SPIVAK, 2002, p. 82). Thorough bibliographical references should
be placed at the end of the text.

The articles, reviews and poems are going to be sent to the editorial board, which will not
be informed of the writers’ name or biography.

The journal will receive articles until March 2013.

Revista Almatroz