The new LibreOffice flat icon set

libreoffice flat icons ubuntu
Libreoffice flat icons on Ubuntu

With Ubuntu 13.10 available in a few minutes as I write, I’m wondering if the new LibreOffice will come with the long-promised flat icon set. Below is a short post on the matter from my now defunct Grey Geek/Ubuntu Learner website. All my techie musings will be under the Open Source category.

from September 10, 2013
I love LibreOffice and it has continued to serve me very well, but its look has seemed dated for quite some time. But, praise be, we are to have a new flat icon set.

In fact I’ve been using it for a while now and love it, and (here’s where I may be kidding myself) I’ve found it easier to use – certainly more pleasant to use.

Only problem is, new updates to LibreOffice from Ubuntu overwrite it.

However the set can be quickly reinstalled using code via
Try the new flat icon set for LibreOffice in Ubuntu