Summer Literary Kindle 99c 99p

Six books for less than six dollars or six pounds.

I’m a slow learner. I didn’t realise I could reduce the price of my Kindle books to 99c for longer than a week. The trick is to reduce the royalty to 35%. I’ve long wanted to do it, to attract new readers, as, if a reader doesn’t know my work, it’s hard to expect them to gamble at full price on an author they don’t know. For 99c/99p? Worth a throw, perhaps.

You don’t have to buy them all, of course, but you can have the Bann River Trilogy of literary novels (The Fabulists, The Water Star and The Fisher Child) for less than three dollars, pounds or euros – or all of the other currencies that Amazon provides. There’s also my selected poems, Tried & Sentenced, my children’s novel, The Coupla.

And, for Japanese readers, the Japanese translation of The Fabulists, Usotsuki, translated by Noriko Ito.
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