Those Distant Summers (1980)

Those Distant Summers
Those Distant Summers
Dublin, Raven Arts Press, 1980
(No ISBN given)

Cover illustration
Liam O’Connor

author photo
Paddy Doyle

with praise and thanks to my family

acknowledgements are due to The Gorey Detail, The Funge Broadsheets, The Pleiades, The Cracked Lookingglass, The Stony Thursday Book, Cyphers, The Wexford Art Centre Broadsheet, Icarus, TCD, Aishling (San Francisco), Quick & Cheap (New Orleans), Hibernia, and The Cork Review, RTÉ Radio. Six poems from the collection were published in Feathers and Bones, an anthology of 10 Irish poets, The Mudhorn Press, Santa Barbara, ed. Sevrin Housen.

Special thanks to Mick, James, Paul, Liam, Paddy and Eileen.

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