Juvenilia (1974)

The Planets and Stars Become FriendsThis was published by Paul Funge’s Art Centre, later The Gorey Arts Centre, in July 1974, under the editorship of James Liddy. It was a pamphlet, or as the Americans more elegantly call it, a chapbook, and was published simultaneously with Eamonn Wall‘s first chapbook, The Celtic Twilight.

It was juvenilia, of course, but I’m proud of it as such, and because it was part of the whole rich history of the ground-breaking Funge/Gorey Arts Festival, which cries out to be published – as a website, perhaps? The reverse, not shown, is illustrated by a fine, if sad portrait of yours truly, by that master of portraiture Paul Funge.

See The Dunleavy Collection of Irish history and literature at the University of Miami Richter Library for listings of these and other chapbooks published by the Gorey Art Centre.

The Art Centre’s other publications included the annual literary and art journal, The Gorey
Detail. It was, among many other things, great fun.

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