A one-acter, it was first performed in the Internationale Schule in Hamburg, and was thereafter transferred to the west end, otherwise known as the Shamrock Bar in Feldstr.

It was directed by the redoubtable Terry McDonagh and his then cohort in drama, Joachim “Joggi” Matschoss. Staging it in the Internationale Schule meant in effect that it had an international audience.

Cardinal, which in a towering performance was acted by Barry Stevenson in the eponymous role, and Guelma Lea as the Policewoman, is the story of a Cardinal, an effective prisoner in his own palace during a revolution, and guarded by an uneducated policewoman. Over a period of time, she learns a great deal from him, and being intelligent, is soon a match for his pious certainties, especially when her prolonged presence intensifies the needs of the flesh.

Note: Guelma Lea is now also an established jazz singer and her website is here

Parody of the Father

aka Sediment Rising
This actually received a rehearsed reading on the Peacock stage of the Abbey Theatre, Dublin, in front of an invited audience. It was directed by John O’Brien (apologies to the actors for mislaying the cast list).
The reading in the Peacock was quite successful, but as it is a very visual play, more than half of it was lost in the reading. Requiring seven actors, (two of whom can double up), and one of whom must be a large, imposing yet ebullient man, it is a tragi-comic cartoon in two acts, on colonialism brought to its logical conclusion.
I recently found a cast list, signed by all participants, headed

Reading of Sediment Rising, Peacock Theatre, April 22, 1989

Larcus Vincent O’Neill

Sudari Niall O’Brien

Penelope Fidelma Cullen

Lujius Frank McCusker

Otera Cornelia Hayes

The Sybil Má¡ire O’Neill

Narrator Jonathan Sharpe

Director John O’Brien

ASM Miriam Coleman

Author Philip Casey

Thank you, people. It was a nice experience, with fine actors.

Comfort & Reward

This has never been staged, and in truth is a dead loss.

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