Out to Lunch – Philip Casey

irishwriterscentreTo those of you who regularly dip in – and there are a few – apologies for my long silence here. I haven’t been well since August, but thankfully am beginning to surface again.
Last February or March, the inimitable John MacNamee asked me to read in his amazing Out to Lunch series. Amazing as he has managed to keep it going for at least a decade now, initially in the Bank of Ireland Arts Centre, and then when they closed the venue, in the Irish Writers Centre. Amazing also, as while admission is free, he actually pays the poets in question.
So fair dues to John.

Anyway, the 24th of October seemed a long way away when John asked me, but now suddenly it’s next Friday. If you happen to be in Central Dublin on Friday do come along. I’ll even try out some new poems! And we’ll leave you enough time to get back to work, if work is what you have to do.
The readings are usually up a couple of flights of stairs, but because of my recent illness the IWC has kindly offered to hold it downstairs.

Out To Lunch reading by Philip Casey.
Venue: The Irish Writers’ Centre, 19 Parnell Square, Dublin 1
Time: 1.15pm
T: 01 8721301
E: info@writerscentre.ie