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Reef Bay Sugar Mill
Reef Bay Sugar Mill
ccReef Bay Sugar Mill photo credit: Jami Dwyer Attribution Share Alike : : some rights reserved.


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For such a tiny green dot on the world map, Ireland has an extraordinary history, with a world-wide diaspora interested in that history to an unusual degree. The interest often stems from pride in Ireland’s David and Goliath opposition to the British Empire, but overlooks the fact that so many Irish did much to sustain that empire, as soldiers and sailors, administrators and business people. (Specialist books like Ireland and the British Empire, ed Kenny, address this issue). Even less known is that Irish adventurers also played significant roles in the Spanish, French, Austro-Hungarian empires, along with their better-known involvement in North America…

Slaves Masters Rebels Mythologies & Histories of the Irish
Estimated publication date: May 2017

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